Event tips : mindset, dress code, conversation do's & dont's

event tips

Attending SpeedCoffee™ ? Here are some tips.

  1. Mindset

    Relax. That's the best mindset to have. Don't think too much about how to make a good impression. Instead, think of it as an evening where you have come to meet some cool new people, and have some good conversation. Take a minute to read the recommended conversation do's and dont's below.
  2. Dressing

    Dress code for SpeedCoffee™ is Semi-formal. Semi-formal means not t-shirt & jeans and not suit & tie but something in between. If you're wearing jeans, wear a nice shirt or top. If you're unsure, follow the classic fashion mantra : When in doubt, better to dress up rather than dress down. No sneakers please.
  3. Grooming

    Please have a clean, well groomed look.
  4. Conversation Do's & Don'ts


    Use the 6 minutes to show that you're interesting and interested.

    While talking about your job avoid rattling off bullet points. Instead express with enthusiasm what you love about your job or about your other interests. Enthusiasm is infectious. :)

    Actively listen when they speak. Express genuine interest.

    Use their icebreaker responses (provided before the event) to ask about topics they are passionate about.

    You can also find conversation topics in the free ebook you got when you subscribed to our alerts.


    2 questions NOT permitted at SpeedCoffee :

    • Asking for their contact info (this violates their privacy)
    • Asking if they like you (this puts them on the spot)

    Below are a few more topics that are better to avoid

    • Avoid cliched questions like "what are your hobbies", "what movies have you seen lately" etc. because they are boring and will make you come across as boring.
    • Preferably stay away from personal questions like "Have you had a relationship before?" or "How old are you?" or "When do you plan to get married?" or "What made you come to an event like this?" or "How many times have you come to SpeedCoffee before?" These are best asked later, not during a brief 6 minute chat.
    • Avoid heavy topics like politics and religion. They can make some people uncomfortable and can ruin the vibe.

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