Advantages of Speed Coffee

Only quality

Every person you meet at SpeedCoffee™ is there by invitation. We screen applicants for communication skills, professional qualifications and a depth of personality. So you can be sure you'll meet only quality singles and nobody dicey. Click here to see how we screen.

In-person meeting

Ever waste a ton of time texting, emailing, talking on the phone, exchanging pics and then being disappointed when you met in person? Too late. You can't get back your pics or your phone number! At SpeedCoffee you first meet and only then decide if they're worth giving your contact info to.

Privacy protected

No compulsion to give out your phone # to the people you meet (you can if you want to but no compulsion), we'll send you the contact info of the singles you match with. And don't worry if you're shy, our format ensures you will talk to all 12 singles, one-on-one!

No pressure

At SpeedCoffee you can approve and reject without pressure because nobody can tell who you marked Yes and No. Score cards are opened only after the event and results are emailed after 24 hours. At the event, you can mingle freely without guilt. :)

Save time, money, energy!

To meet 12 singles separately on different days, you would spend a huge amount of time, energy and money! At SpeedCoffee, you pay a low, flat fee to meet 12 awesome singles in one evening! Event fee includes unlimited snacks and beverages. View all events.

Widen your social circle

You will meet successful people from diverse fields. Even if you don't connect romantically with all 12 singles, you may hit it off as activity partners, networking contacts or as just a great addition to your social circle.