Dates from Hell

OH NO! SHE'S A HE! | Read more stories

When I first started checking out the internet personals, I came across a really great ad posted by a very beautiful woman. She was around my age, never married and had a great job. Everything about her seemed so great. We hit it off right away when we met and seemed to get along great. On our second date, things became hot and heavy, and I wasn't complaining! Carla invited me in for a nightcap and the romantic interlude continued.

She wanted me and I wanted her. The fact that she took me to her bedroom so soon was quite a surprise to me. What was even more of a surprise was finding out that Carla's real name was actually Carl and she was a HE! I ran for the door faster than I ever thought I could run. On the way out, she/he says "I thought you really liked me. Isn't it what's inside that counts?". God help me!