Dates from Hell


I met a guy on a blind date. His friend told me he lived alone and had custody of his 8ry old daughter. Dated him for a year when I found out that he was already living with another lady for 4 yrs. Judging by the house, you'd never know that a woman lived there. There was no feminine stuff around and he even introduced me to his daughter. I bought gifts for him and his daughter, and loaned him money left and right.

He stated how much he loved me and I treated him better than any woman. He told me the woman moved out. I went to spend the night. She had a key got in. He was terrified, had me jump out the window, but she met me outside to slap me a good one. She did move out. 1.5 yrs later I find out that he was sleeping with a realtor friend of his. She told me that he was also sleeping with 2 other women. I confronted him to which he stated that there was never to be a relationship, he never wanted my company, that he just cared for me. Guess he was only friendly toward me since I always paid for everything and even paid some of his bills. He made me believe that we were going to live together. Hope I get back the $700.00. That doesn't include money I spent on gifts for every holiday and food I bought. So much for love. I just wasted almost 4yrs on this creep!! Watch out ladies he is looking again, he'll just use you for anything he can. He never has any money due to the home market. Sad thing is his daughter's mother is a drug addict and drinks a lot. She never sees her and her dad introduces the daughter to 3 or 4 women that he is seeing at the same time. I truly feel sorry for her. I would have been good for her. The dating world SUCKS!!! - Darlene