Dates from Hell

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LONG DISTANCE FIRST DATE FIASCO My date from hell flew to my home state without a nickel in his pocket. He said since I invited him, it was up to me to foot the bill. I DID NOT *invite* him, I told him it would be cool if he came to visit when he asked me about the possibility. Nothing more. The guy told me a week later he was going to "be in my area" and asked me if I could pick him up from the airport. I said sure. To be nice I sent him a list of hotels around the airport, downtown and in my area (didn't know what his preference would be).

I'd picked him up from the airport and we had dinner at a restaurant he'd "heard so much about and wanted to check out." After dinner the check came. He didn't reach for it... ok. I asked him if he'd like to go dutch. That's when he said the crap about me inviting him and it was up to me to cover his stay. Yep, I found out he didn't bring ANY money. I said "screw this." I ponied up and paid for dinner. We headed to the car and I told him I'd drop him at his hotel. No dice. He never booked one! He was under the impression he'd be staying with me. Ex-squeeze me? Don't know ya, not gonna stay in my space. No Way. I turned right around and took him back to the airport. When we arrived he asked "What? are we going somewhere? Did you plan something?" I asked him to get out of my car and said "I'm sorry, you have the wrong woman, I'm not your sugar mama. Go home." He just stood there stunned as I drove away. I got a nasty-gram from him a couple of days later going on and on about

me being a tease and how I was obligated to give him a place to stay, blah, blah, blah. His profile on the site I met him on is now deleted. Wonder how many other women he's pulled this on. No more Internet dating. Never, ever, ever, eeeeeeever again. - Archel