Why men handle breakups differently than women

When a breakup happens, men and women deal with it differently.

Immediately after a breakup a man may go out, get drunk and party
with friends while a woman may stay home sobbing.

Although women appear to be shattered, and men seem more cool
after a breakup, the irony is that on the inside the opposite is true.

Research shows that men go through more distress and depression,
and feel more lonely after a breakup than women do.

There are 2 main reasons for this difference :

Men bottle up their feelings
It’s not considered cool for a tough man to cry or talk about his
feelings.  When he does, his friends will make fun of him, even
though they would feel the same in his place. This is an unfortunate
stereotype that the media and movies have thrust upon us.
The only way we can grow out of it is to reject these stereotypes.
When a guy friend talks about his feelings or about his loneliness
respect his emotions, and lend a sympathetic ear.


Men are more inclined to think the grass on the other side is greener
Men seek variety more easily than women. He gets bored faster with the
same old dates, same old conversations, same old sex. At the back of his
mind he fantasizes about being single again, sleeping with hotter women
and leading a more exciting life. However, after the breakup, he finds that
the singles scene is not so easy. In fact, it’s hard WORK. His many unattractive
qualities (physical or behavioural) which his ex-partner had accepted,
are now turning off the women he tries to charm.

Instead of the exciting singles scene he expected, he often finds himself
missing the comfort, intimacy and acceptance of his past relationship. By the
time he realizes that he was fortunate to have a woman like her in his life,
she has usually moved on. Studies done at the Carnegie Mellon University
suggests that women adjust better to a relationship ending because they’ve
already considered the possibility of a breakup, but men are usually
unprepared for it.

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