Why Indian men can’t take a hint

Many Indian men think that if a woman gives a man her phone number it means she’s interested romantically and he has the permission to start propositioning her immediately.

Even when she makes it clear that his calls are unwelcome, men will continue to call.

That’s the experience of my female friends, some of whom had to change their phone numbers to finally stop the calls.

Hanna Ingber, who was an India correspondent with GlobalPost.com has written an amusing post about Indian men and why they can’t take a hint.  http://bit.ly/Jp0ZPk

She has actually quoted text messages that Indian guys (some of them MNC executives) have sent to her female friends in India. Read the post, it’s funny and sad.

Hanna talked to Indian experts to analyze why this happens. Growing up, most Indian men have very little interaction with women outside their family. Right from school, Indian boys sit separately from girls, which continues into their adult life with public transport requiring men and women to sit separately.

As a result, most Indian men never develop the skills to maintain platonic friendships with women. They don’t know how to open conversations, how to make small talk, how to take an interaction forward, how to be interesting and interested, how to flirt without making her uncomfortable, how to calibrate their talk so that her personal space is never violated.

But now, thanks to technology, they find they can talk to any woman without having these skills. A rejection in person may cause some public embarrassment but a rejection on the phone is no big deal.

This is one of the reasons why Indian women are so comfortable attending a SpeedCoffee event. Even though they meet and talk to 12 men, they don’t have to give their phone number to any of them. They simply exchange email addresses with the one they like most.  Click here to see how SpeedCoffee works.


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