Where to find a good man in India

Going to a bar or a nightclub to find a quality date is not
the smartest thing to do.

You may find a one-night stand but not a keeper.

Because let’s face it, men who come to such places are
usually looking for just one thing. Sex.

Oh you think the bartender looks cute and you may want
to date him? Pssst…he is also there because of the women
he gets access to.

The best place to find a man is in the most unlikely place.
Bookstore, library, supermarket, yoga class, basically any place
where sex is NOT the overall theme.

SpeedCoffee™ is a quick, safe way to meet successful singles
in cities across India. We invite 12 single, successful men and
women, each interacts with an opposite single for
6 minutes,
and at the end you
decide which ones you’d like to know more
closely. Click here for details of how it works and to register
for an upcoming event.


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